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Snack Nation - From coast to coast, 20 bites to devour that offer a taste of their region.

Forget Einstein’s theory of relativity. The world’s greatest, most comprehensive equation is this: snacks = happiness. It’s that simple (and legend has it that it was discovered after devouring an entire bag of Cheetos). Inspired by that ultimate food pairing, we set out to tell you about irresistible salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy nibbles across the country that are worth their weight in glee. What’s not simple? Starting with a list of possibilities that numbers, roughly, infinity.

So we applied some criteria. We focused on snacks that are freshly made, not mass-produced. (For the record, though, Ho Hos rule.) We left out items that could be thought of as a full meal. (Appetizers? In. Pizza? Sadly, out.) And we favored food you could eat with your hands. (Sorry, pies.)

More than anything, though, we wanted our picks to reflect another undeniable truth: that when we travel, snacks are truly special when they speak to the flavors or traditions of their region, evoking a sense of place. That led us to sublime seafood in the Northeast, greasy goodness in the South, and nachos you could only get in New Mexico.

Did we miss some sweet spots? Did we ever. Join the conversation via our #SouthwestSnacks Sweepstakes. In the meantime, happy munching.


Huckleberry ice cream

/ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

In the summer, huckleberries blanket the Northern Rockies and locals search for the treat that’s sweeter than a blueberry. Can’t forage? Abi’s Artisan Ice Cream serves fruit-filled scoops, along with sundaes drizzled with a huckleberry glaze.

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