Espresso & Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Classic Italian Espressos, Lattes made with our ice cream and Hot Chocolates crafted from our house-made mixes


Espresso - 2oz

Macchiato - 3oz

Cappuccino - 6oz

Latte - 12oz, 16oz

Americano - 12oz, 16oz

Ice Cream Latte (Hot only)- 12oz, 16oz

(milk steamed with choice of ice cream

+ 2oz espresso)

(Hot & Cold variations available)

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Classic - 12 oz,16oz

Cinnamon - 12 oz,16oz

Picante - 12 oz,16oz

Peppermint - 12 oz,16oz

Ice Cream Hot Chocolate

(milk steamed with choice of ice cream!!)

Hot Chocolate Mix made in house