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Book Launch & Signing Events

Abi's ice Cream Cookbook Launch Event and Book Signings are here.

Click below for more information and let Maren (Abi) know you are attending!

Upcoming Events

  • Abi's Ice Cream Cookbook Launch Event
    Sun, Jun 04
    The Art Spirit Gallery
    Join us for the highly anticipated release of the Abi's Ice Cream cookbook.
Who Are We

Who We Are

Abi's Ice Cream was a locally owned and operated ice cream store in downtown Coeur d'Alene, ID. Abi's was open to the public 2016 - 2022. Abi's created all the recipes used in the store and made their ice creams, sorbets and treats each day to insure a premium product. Additionally, the store and the recipes where peanut and tree-nut free. It was a great addition to the thriving downtown area. Over the years, Abi's served 10s of thousands of happy customers. In January 2022, Maren decided to retire while still continuing to share her love of ice cream and treats to her friends and customers. So here it is! Abi’s Ice Cream cookbook with all the crowd favorite recipes from the shop. Now everyone can create these recipes at home. Enjoy!

Go to the Cookbook page and pre-order your cookbook now!

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customer reviews

5 Star: “Abi’s Ice Cream is truly artisan. This ice cream is handmade in the shop and is the best ice cream I have ever had in the states! If you are anywhere near this store you HAVE to go in and try absolutely any flavor— they’re all so delicious.”

5 Star: “This is hands down our family’s favorite ice cream! My daughter has allergies to tree nuts and this is one of the only places where she can go and order anything she wants. The cookies are my personal favorite....we recommend the snickerdoodles, sprinkle sugar cookies, and fudge brownies.”

5 Star: Local Guide, “Great place for ice cream. Original flavors. I had huckleberry on a waffle cone. My wife had orange cardamom, which was excellent! 5 stars - strongly recommend.”

5 Star: All their ice cream is hand made on premises and you can tell as the taste reflects freshly made ice cream with unique tantalizing selections. You know they put a lot into making their product with only the freshest ingredients when you taste some of the flavors, it's incredible!”

5 Star: “Phenomenal ice cream! And was THRILLED that they have no dyes or preservatives! We are a clean eating family and my kids react strongly to low quality food. Thank you Abi’s!!!”

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