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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your flavors or inspirations of flavors?​​

  • I love trying new flavor combinations! We are always coming up with new and interesting flavor combinations to see what we like the best. Also, I spend a lot of time reading about new flavor trends and try to apply the ideas to ice cream.


Why do you chose to be a peanut and tree-nut free facility?

  • Abi has tree nut and peanut allergies. Also, there a lot of people who have allergies to tree nuts and peanuts and it is hard for these people find ice creams that don’t have the possibility of cross-contamination. We have people come to our shop who have never had ice cream. To watch them experience it for the first time, is so heart warming.


Do you offer Vegetation/Vegan options?

  • We offer many vegan and non-dairy options. We will always have 2 or 3 flavors on hand each day in which to choose. Check our current menu to see what we are serving each day or give us a call.


How often do you change your flavors?

  • Some flavors we have every day. There will always be one or two new flavors each week and they will only stay for one week or shorter if we run out.


What if I want a flavor that you don't currently offer?

  • If there is a flavor that we do not currently have in the shop, we are happy to make it for you as a special order. Please see the special order section for details.


Is your establishment dog friendly?

  • Abi’s is very dog friendly! We offer dog sorbet (flavors vary) and little dog treats on the counter. Your dog family member is welcome to hang-out with you at our dog-friendly outdoor cafe table area.


Do you cater for private events?

  • Absolutely! Please call or email to inquire about details.

Do you use corn syrup in your ice cream and sorbets?

  • No. We only use organic cane sugar in our ice cream. We only use corn syrup in our homemade toffee chips.

Do you use any additives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients in your ice cream and sorbets?

  • No. We make all ice cream and sorbets in small batches so that we do not need to add stabilizers and additives. Also, we never use any artificial ingredients. We only use fresh, in-season ingredients which give our treats fresh and flavorful taste, naturally.

Do you use eggs in your ice cream?

  • Yes, we use fresh egg yokes in our ice cream. All of our ice cream is pasteurized in the cooking process.

Do you have raw egg whites in your cookie dough bites?

  • No. We do not use any egg products in our cookie dough bites. The only ingredients used are: organic flour, sugar, butter and chocolate chips.

Do you take special orders?

  • Yes! We do take special orders of any flavor on our menu. We offer about 80 individual flavors to choose from. Check out our SPECIAL ORDER section for details.

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